I created this website as a resource for those who are going through head trauma and their families, and I want to assure you that your symptoms will ebb and flow but ultimately improve and in most cases subside completely. I suffered multiple serious head injuries, including two within a one month span followed by weeks of unhealthy behaviors like late drunken nights, so I know that even if the brain is pushed to its limits that it will recover, because my brain continues to improve to this day. That being said, I am aware of how powerful and overwhelming these injuries can be, and I know what happens when one does not take them seriously. Every brain injury is a serious event in your life and you need to do everything you can to ensure a swift and full recovery. In the end, I want this website to encourage those who are suffering from the symptoms of brain trauma, and to make it clear that you can overcome what will likely be some of the most difficult days of your life.